Chuck and his friends—Chris, Jimmy, Dennis, Billy, Dick and Virgil—aren’t like the boys in the other sixth-grade class at their school. They’re not as big, or as popular. And the one time they try to stand up to Jonathan, Jack Packer, and the rest of their friends by challenging them to a game of football, it ends badly for them.

Chuck has never thought of himself as much of a leader. But after getting some good advice from his dad, he realizes that he and his friends can’t give up without a fight—so he rallies them to train for another game; one final showdown with Jonathan and his gang. As they work together and face their fears, the boys learn that they may be more than they thought they were—and that football is more than just a game.

Huskers is about an introspective and resourceful young boy who becomes a reluctant leader when six of his friends, losers all, choose to follow him on a journey. It is about their desire and their need to become more than the little boys they perceive themselves to be. Huskers is an account of their quest and how, together, they learn to accept and overcome their individual flaws, struggle with their growing awareness of girls, and confront and conquer their personal demons. Along the broken and rocky climb, each finds inner strength and, as a team, they discover their character and realize the true value of sport. Seen through the clarity of a simpler time and place―rural Nebraska in 1960, Huskers is a testimony to the true values children should be learning through participation in youth sports.

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Praise for Huskers

Huskers is a true underdog story of triumph that in which readers will feel like they get to know all the characters on the team. These boys are working hard for a goal that they reach with each other’s help. A touching story for parents and kids alike!
Lisa Haycraft, Media Specialist, Helmwood Heights Elementary