huskerspbipad-3Huskers is a ready-to-use English teaching text with Chapter Questions as well as Book Summary Questions.

Key discussion points include:

  • A comparison of cultures: ‘60s rural Nebraska and the present day.
  • Teamwork and camaraderie
  • Value-based sports participation
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Educators Recommend Huskers!

As a former professional athlete, physical educator and school principal, I appreciate and understand the elements of sport that are so strongly emphasized in Huskers that impact lives forever. The contribution that these activities have on the physical, social, and emotional growth of our youth is one that seems to be often de-emphasized in this day of accountability, Common Core Standards, etc. Sports teach us how to work together toward a common goal and find opportunities for all of us to improve on some level.

The book does illustrate the difference in the times in which we grew up and those of present day kids. Although it may not be the main theme, it shows how kids took charge of their own recreation. The whole “parent piece” of the modern day didn’t exist. There was an entirely different understanding of the meaning of what it was to be a parent. Kids worked out ways to deal with the social ups and downs of growing up. We may not always have been successful, but we tried to solve our own issues. Our parents, for the most part, were too busy providing and parenting to be constantly interacting on our behalf when things didn’t go well on the playground. The book shows the resiliency of kids in a difficult situation. It also demonstrates how we can learn something from both winning and losing.

It’s a great story of how savvy, hard work, and teamwork can win out when you’re the underdog and that anything’s possible…always a good message to kids. Huskers also provides a little insight into how we don’t always see why people act the way they do…a little look at what it’s like to be in others’ shoes.

Dr. Lynne Farmer, Ed. D., B.A. Ripon College, M.A. University of Minnesota, MBA Dominican University, Ed. D. Loyola University of Chicago